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Hi Mika,

When your crush was leaning on the pole, he may have just been taking some time out.

You were the only one who could see him from that angle.

Perhaps he just needed a little break from working and just wanted to be with his own thoughts for a while.

It’s best not to make the assumption that he was staring at you and thinking about you in that moment. Up until this point, there hadn’t been any sustained periods of eye contact between the both of you at work.

Thereby, there is a good chance that he was just leaning on the pole consumed with his own thoughts at that moment.

He probably said “stay off your phone” when he stopped at your workspace because he wanted you to pay attention to him at that time. It’s the kind of attention he may try to get from any other coworker irrespective of whether he was romantically interested in them or not.

It’s unlikely that he knows that you like him. You don’t gossip with the other coworkers and tend to focus on your job.

Hence, it is unlikely that the other coworkers have even caught on to the fact that you like him and told him as a result. As of now, he really wouldn’t have anything to go on as far as thinking that you like him.

Being that you haven’t repeatedly caught him staring at you, there is no indication so far that he finds you attractive.

It’s unlikely that he is trying to send you any kind of message.

When he got very quiet after you entered his work area, he most likely didn’t want you to hear what both he and his friend were talking about.

Being that the employees at the post office are prone to gossip, he and his friend may have been saying something inappropriate or gossipy about another employee at the time.

Once you showed up, they may have stopped talking and joking because they didn’t want you to hear about who or what they were talking about.

The right thing to say or do may be to simply be a good work colleague and stick to work-related topics whenever you talk to or work with him.

You discovered that he has a girlfriend. More than likely, this means that he is not emotionally available to you.

It wouldn’t be to your benefit to keep looking at him as someone with romantic potential.

You will interpret everything he says and does in your presence as some kind of sign of interest or a lack there of and this could truly affect you in a negative way mentally and even consequently affect how you go about performing your job duties.

He may have talked about you to his friend in the same capacity that he would talk about another employee. Again, you work with employees who tend to gossip.

Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he has talked about you to some extent with his friend. However, it would be in the same way that he would talk about another employee.

It would just be gossip.

It doesn’t mean that the conversation would have anything to do with whether he likes you or not.