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Thank you Luke,

I think I failed at doing that this time. Every time i wanted to ignore him until he messages me, i failed. I wanted to let him know that he’s hurting our relationship. So I messaged him to express how I feel yesterday and today. Also, maybe i need to set a rule for how long he can stay mad because he can be stubborn and patient. He’s rushing to marry me, have me move in, and talked nonsense like I can be unemployed for a few months first. That’s when I said, “don’t be crazy” and he got mad on Monday. I want him to know that im not ready and i told him that on message on Wednesday. He just read, but not responded yet.

This is what I sent for today (Thursday) (if you don’t mind) “Ik you are doing podcast tonight, so have fun. I want to talk to you so we can meet somewhere in the middle to solve it. I know you love me, but if you stay mad for too long, it hurts our relationship. I don’t want to see that. I respect you and I would love that you do the same. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you in a way.” I think he can’t be silent forever. It’s not the game to win or lose, but solve it as a matured person rather than being childish and closed minded. He’s taking too long to hold grudges over something simple and be too emotional about it. I feel like even if i let him contacts first, he won’t learn and stop acting like that.

Do you think he will cool off and get back to me soon? Hopefully, i didn’t annoy him by sending him those. 🙁