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Hi Nicholas,

She blocked you because she was upset over the argument.

Hence, it was more of a reactionary move. In most cases, this means that the blocker will ultimately unblock when their emotions have leveled off or stabilized.

It is best to just leave her be for now.

All of this friction started after you experienced behavior from her while texting each other that made you feel that you had to put your foot down.

There may be a valid reason why she acted the way she did towards you.

Hence, the next time that she reaches out to you, try having an open conversation about the incident.

You both need to understand why she acted in the way she did so that you can both address the issue and possibly resolve it.

If you don’t have an open conversation with her about whatever may be causing friction between the both of you, these types of arguments may continue until the relationship is irrevocably damaged.