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Hi Afreen,

Since he stopped being romantic with you around the time that he got his new job, the source of the problem may be that new job.

If you have noticed that since he got that job, he has become a lot more stressed and impatient with you, there is a good chance that his job is the source of his unease.

Stress will often cause a person to avoid affection. Their minds are so wrapped up on what needs to be done at work or whatever office politics may be going on that they become sapped of energy. This often results in an unwillingness to show affection.

Although he told you that engaging in PDA would lead to your families finding out, that was most likely just an excuse.

He didn’t seem to have an issue with engaging in PDA with you before. Clearly, he wasn’t fearful about your families finding out about your relationship in those moments.

It may be to your benefit to have a conversation with him about his job. Let him know that he can talk to you about work and whatever stresses he may be going through.

He may just need someone that he can talk to about all that. If he is unable to have someone to talk to as an outlet, he will keep all the work-related stress inside. This will cause him to become more and more unwilling to show affection or engage in PDA.