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Hi Jenny,

Your boyfriend may be experiencing a lot of stress due to the fact that he is suddenly the breadwinner of his family.

He may feel as though you are not being sensitive to this as you are still expecting the same amount of attention as you used to receive from him in the past.

Talking to him and letting him know that you understand the kind of stress he is under could help in making him feel more at ease.

The both of you should then talk about making compromises when it comes to time together. He may be open to a new arrangement.

If you are willing to make some sacrifices when it comes to seeing him, there may be some consequent positive changes to his behavior.

He may start texting you more because he wouldn’t be afraid of having to answer repeated questions from you about spending time together.

If both his mom and sister dislike you, it may be to your benefit to ask your boyfriend about why they do.

What you learn may give you some direction on what you need to work on or do in order to get their approval, as long it is something that you are comfortable with.

Making this kind of adjustment could ultimately get his mom and sister to like you.