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Hi Avery,

If she isn’t over her ex, you could run the risk of falling for her while she remains in this state of mind.

This is a state of mind that makes it impossible for her to be fully emotionally available to you.

This would put you at a disadvantage as she wouldn’t be able to reciprocate your feelings.

Hence, it may be best to cut back on the texting and avoid having sex with her.

Become more scarce.

If you give her sex and attention whenever she wants, you could easily become someone she uses to cope with the breakup.

It could also keep her in this state of mind of not being over her ex even longer as she wouldn’t have a need to address this issue faster because you are fulfilling her other needs.

If you make this move in cutting back drastically on communicating and avoiding having sex with her, you could give her a greater sense of urgency when it comes to her unresolved feelings for her ex.

In essence, she may work harder to get over them quicker so as not to lose out on having more of your company in her life.

This move also protects you from falling for her too prematurely.