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You are welcome.

If she muted you, just give her some space.

If you keep sending her messages trying to make things right, you will keep reminding her about why she is upset at you and that will only prolong this situation.

Just give her some space and avoid contacting her for now. Her emotions will soon level off and she will reach out to you.

Yes, she could want to be more than a friend.

When a girl behaves like this all of a sudden, there is a lot of emotion involved which often means that there may be romantic feelings involved.

In sending you a photo and asking you whether she looked pretty in it, she may have been fishing for compliments from you or something to make her feel like she is desirable to you.

Being that you have drastically cut back on the amount of texts that you send her, she may have been desperately attempting to gauge whether you are attracted to her.

She may not have felt that your response was passionate enough to indicate to her that you may be interested in her romantically.

This may have been the last straw for her.

As far as your other female friends who never do anything like this, it may be because they aren’t into you romantically and simply regard you as a platonic friend. Thereby, they will be less prone to react this emotionally.