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He wanted a companion and didnt hve one in the beginning so he would spend all his time with you to the point where u broke ur boundaries and let him in now that he has a best friend, he has got company and maybe eli might have pointed out that he is being too needy and all with you or maybe he is inspired by eli or something else to give attention to career and stop being needy! Initially partners do tend to be needy but then after a while it gets comfortable and then they enjoy their own space.

Don’t worry let him have his space and do something for urself, acquire some skills wtc during ur time away from him.I know its tough goijg through same, just start loving urself and support his decision to get back on track with his career and talk to him about it.
You guys are strong and no petty distnace can separate you so support him instead of thinking he is going away take this space for falling in love with urself again!
This will pass! I’m no expert but this is my advice for u and i hope u get through this, take care