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Hi Nelly,

You may hear back from him, but it may not necessarily be in a romantic capacity.

The strain of his marriage and dividing businesses with his ex-wife has put a lot of stress on his life.

The thought of talking to you, especially during this very stressful period for him, may be something that he just doesn’t want to deal with.

All he would think about is how you may try to fight with him about his lack of transparency and what not, and he may just not want to have to deal with all that on top of the other stresses that he is going through with his ex.

He may be done with the romantic aspects of your relationship with him. This may happen immediately or it may take a little while longer for his romantic efforts to simply give out.

However, being that you consider him to be a best friend, there is still a possibility that a lukewarm friendship may be able to be salvaged from this relationship at a point where his emotions have tapered off and he is no longer angry with you.

This is irrespective of whether the romance ends immediately or at some point in the near future.

He will not be transparent with you. He doesn’t believe that his problems with his ex have anything to do with you nor that you have any right to interfere with them.

The both of you had dated for almost two years before this fight.

That was more than enough time for him to have given you transparency but he never did.

This indicates that he has no intention to do so now or for the foreseeable future.