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Hi Aaron,

Try doing something else when you get bored at work that keeps your mind engaged so that you don’t fall into the temptation of endlessly swiping on a dating app.

It takes some work, but the more you redirect that energy to something else, the easier it is to get yourself to ultimately stop the habit of swiping.

Think about focusing on the people you are already talking to from the dating app and learning more about them.

You could even take the time to go look up something one or more of them told you about in conversation and learn more about it. This helps to build a stronger understanding of who they are as a person so that the next time you talk to them, you are able to connect on an even deeper level.

This kind of action takes your attention away from swiping and gives you a better chance of connecting with a match that is best for you. Focusing on quality over quantity is the much better approach.