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    I actually have a question and I hope I can get a reply because it is really concerning me.

    There is a girl I like, but the problem is that she has a boyfriend.

    When interacting with her I got two different signs, a positve sign and a negative sign.

    The positive sign is that she did stare at me a couple of times and usually smile when we greet each other.

    The negative sign is that she once ignored me and she acted as if she didn’t see me.

    My question is: Does she have a crush on me or should I move on?

    I hope I can get a reply




    Hi Sami,

    She most likely doesn’t have a crush on you.

    She does have a boyfriend. Oftentimes, this means that a girl is not emotionally available to you.

    She has only stared at you a couple of times. This doesn’t indicate a pattern of behavior.

    Even though she usually smiles when you both greet each other, she most likely does it to be polite.

    There is a good chance that she smiles at other people that she greets, not just you.

    When she ignored you and acted as if she didn’t see you, she may have simply been having a bad day.

    Perhaps there was something on her mind that day that was bothering her.

    She may have ignored a number of people that day, not just you.

    It is best to move on.

    Again, she does have a boyfriend. Even if she were to suddenly start liking you out of the blue, her boyfriend would always be a complication.

    It is best to pursue a girl who isn’t in a relationship.

    This way, the both of you can interact with a lot more openness from the very start.



    Thank you Mr.Luke for answering my question.

    But let us suppose that she has no boyfriend becuase they rarely hang out together at school, do you think that these are signs that shows that she is interested? (the staring and the smiles)

    And do you suggest that I add her on social media?




    Hi Sami,

    Even if we suppose that she has no boyfriend, these aren’t signs that definitively show that she is interested.

    She has only stared at you a couple of times. That is too little.

    She could have easily been daydreaming when she was staring at you and thinking about something completely different.

    The smiles could merely indicate that she is a polite person and smiles at everyone that greets her.

    Instead of adding her on social media at this time, try talking to her first.

    Break the ice with her and establish some initial rapport.

    If the conversation goes well, you could both exchange social media information at that time.



    Thanks Mr. Luke

    I actually talked to her before and she seems nice, so would it be ok if I randomly add her on social media? Or is it somehow weird?

    Thanks again.



    Hi Sami,

    It would be best to talk to her again instead of randomly adding her on social media.

    If you talk to her again, you will hopefully be able to establish some rapport with her.

    It will also give you the opportunity to exchange social media information with each other while you are both talking.

    This is the more effective way to do it.

    If you just randomly add her on social media, it would be too easy for her to deny your request.

    Even if she accepted it, being that you didn’t build any kind of rapport with her beforehand, she wouldn’t necessarily engage with you on social media as frequently as you would like, if at all.



    Thanks Mr. Luke. I really appreciate your help.

    But is it ok if I add her randomly becuase I really do not know if I can engage in a converstaion with her anytime soon? Or would she get creeped out?




    Hi Sami,

    It would still be best to try talking to her first even though you aren’t sure about when you will be able to engage in conversation with her.

    She will not necessarily get creeped out if you add her randomly on social media.

    However, she may just think that you are some random guy who is trying to get her attention and this is not a good place to be.

    It is better to already have an impression in her mind before adding her to social media.

    An impression would require that you actually talk to her first and build some rapport in the process.



    Thanks Mr. Luke

    But how many minutes/hours should she take to answer a message if she is interested?




    Hi Mr. Luke

    What does it mean if a girl initates a converstaion but ends it aswell?

    I hope I can get a reply.


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