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    Hi sir I want your help . I don’t know why but I seen her first in a birthday dress and secondly in my class room and I just spoked to her once for just 2 or 3 minutes only . She was in a relationship with a bit when we were in school after 4 years a situation happen in my life
    Like this – she is a good singer and I want start a ministry and also a worship team . She is my friend in Instagram account but she doesn’t follow me. I follow her . I messaged her that I am starting a band and what you think about it will you join it so she told me yeah I will why not I’m so happy and so on. Then few days after I asked her are serious about the band then she told you didn’t talked about it more with me then how I will . So I told ok so I cleared the doubts and I told we need to be like a family after few minutes later I thanked her for giving time so she told me your embarrassing me don’t say thanks so I told ok I will not from now then told me we are now like brothers and sisters now so don’t do it again and I felt so bad and lonely and I talked to myself never dream about any women from now but still I’m feeling like I will cry if I think too much . I’m just missing her now without having her before in my practical life

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