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    I have this close friend which i met 3months ago. I never really had feelings the first time i saw her but after a few talks together i did. Im afraid to tell her my feelings for her because i want to stay close friends. If i do say it things may get awkward and we wont be that close anymore.

    A few notes;
    -She has a boyfriend for a month or so.
    -She has 2 other people crushing on her.
    -I feel more bad asking because she went to a girls school before and i would be the 4th guy to admit his feelings to her in the past 3months.
    -My other close friends likes her and i dont want to be a douche and get in his way. (Bro code you know?)
    -I dont really see a future with her because we are of different culture/race and her parents are super strict and wont be accepting if we ever get together.

    I know its a crush and it will go away eventually but i just dont have that much patience to keep in my mind.
    What should i do?
    I hope you get this and
    Thanks in advance.

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