Cut off the girl I liked after a weird and unexpected situation

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    Hi I hope you are having a good day,you cam simply write me an Email back if you dont have time to uplaod a vidoe . thank you

    My name is souf , I am from morocco and before 4 years I came to germany to continue my studies . I had a crush on a girl that visited with me a language course (before 4 years ) and she also sent me signals that she is interested , but I didnt make the move cause I was about to move to germany and I was bit of confused with the long distance relationship . So I kept the contact with her , almost we talk once a week and last summer I confessed my feeling to her and that I liked her and I wanted that after studies we continue together and we share eachothers lives . She was was not excpecting it and she didnt give me a yes or a no but she said that she likes me too and she wants always to tell me that before and she said god will do what is the best for us both (it s an expression that we used in daily life when we want to male a desicion) .I will keep things short . 2 months after that she came to germany to spend holidays and I write to her , she told if I we would see each other I said yes , after seeing her and spending about 25 minutes with her .. A boy came to us and shook my hand and hers and she said plz souf give me one minute I will be right back, she went talking with him and He started screaming and shouting and she was crying and then I realised it was her boyfriend that she never told me before that she had one . the girl didnt come back to tell me anything or gibe an explication and I just went home . It was blow to my Ego and my self-esteem especially that she alway gave me that face of good , rightous and honest a girl that has some kind of prestige in her till I saw that situation of her begging the other guy . I came home that night thinking about what just happened and she semt me a message saying :” I am sorry that I put you in that situation and I hope you the best ” . and then I simply blocked her number and unfriend her in Facebook . please what can you say about this and was that the right move from me or should I acted differently . And why always when the guy is straight forward and honest with the girl she tries to play him and him as plan B .
    Thank you so much for reading my problem and answering it .

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