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    I recently resigned from my last job where I had spent roughly half a year interacting with my manager (now ex manager).

    From the first time we met, I could see there was a hint of attraction from his part, simply by the way he looked at me. He then became quite persistent with making sure to have some contact with me nearly everyday for a period of time, before becoming very cold for another period. I was quite confused by his hot and cold actions throughout, but I can’t help but pick up his nervousness whenever I stepped into the room (he’d check me out before looking away, or clear his throat or have some kind of a nervous tick).

    I’m not bragging, but for whatever reason, males are very attracted to me wherever I go. He sees that himself.

    Over time, I became more interested in him myself, finding him as quite an intriguing character who I’d like to know outside of work to see what he was really like. I would be a little bit flirty but only on a level where only he and I would see, and no one else.

    On the last night of work, he made sure to come out to drinks with me and the rest of group before heading out to the club together. Again, due to the amount of times guys were hitting on me at the club, I was described as a “man magnet” by another guy within our group. My manager saw the situation as well.

    I tried to show my interest in him very directly. I linked his arm as we walked, and as we walked to the subway station together along with the rest of the group, I discretely held his hand while he has it in his coat pocket. He didn’t refrain or move and kind of just let me do it. Then, I interlaced my fingers with his to show how much I wanted him. Again, he didn’t refrain, and gently held mine back.

    As the others ran off to get their train (which I was supposed to be on too) he went off in another direction for another train. I told him to wait up, and asked if I could come with him, to which he said “no, it’s highly unprofessional”, then I said “well I no longer work with you” to which he said it was still unprofessional.

    I then said “but nobody knows. They’re all gone” and he replied “no, because they will question where you’ve gone. Person 1 will know. Person 2 will know. Person 3 will know. Person 4 will know.”

    Without thinking, I said “I know you like me”. It was only at this moment that he said “I’m going to be honest with you. You’re not really my type”, all without any eye contact, looking at the ground. He then proceeded to make a joke, then gave me a hug and told me that nevertheless, it was great working with me. I was a little shocked that I had offered myself only to be rejected.

    I just kind of stood there like a fool, while he literally walked a few metres away and turned his back on me (the train wasn’t even there). I said nothing else and left. Thinking back, that was a very awkward departure.

    So based on what I told you, does it seem like he rejected me because he was just nervous about others knowing, or am I REALLY not his type?

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