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    Good signs:

    1. She initiates text conversation with me sometimes.

    2. She is too comfortable around me and once shared with me an embarrassing of her.

    3. She laughs with me and would hit my shoulder.

    4. When she saw me texting someone in front of her, she asked me who am I texting in a joking manner. I told her one day that I was hanging out with a friend, but she wanted to know if it was a male or female.

    5. She once sat with me when we had a lunch break at university.

    6. She even sometimes come to hang out with me in the university hall when she sees me alone.

    Bad signs:

    1. She referred to me as her “best friend” while we were talking normally one day.

    2. She even once said to her friends in front of me, “Carl is my best friend”.

    3. She once told me as well, “You’re funny”.

    4. She also refers to me as a friend when we are talking together.

    5. She even asked me for some help with her homework a couple of times.

    6. There was this time when we were walking together in the university hall and then she told “let’s sit with our classmate”. Our classmate was a male. Why did she want to stay walking with me in the hallway? She decided that we sit with our classmate instead.

    7. I once told her that we can take the bus together when we are done from university. One time we went alone together and the other time her friend came along with us. I don’t know if she was the one who told her to come with us.

    8. She referred to me as her “best friend” three times.

    9. She SOMETIMES decides to hang with her friends in university hall instead of me.

    10. Last week, we were sitting beside each other at class and then she decided to leave without telling me anything. I then realized that she went to hang out with her friends because she thought that the class is boring.

    11. She sometimes refers to me as her “friend” when we have a normal conversation.

    Do I ask her out or is she not interested?

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