Does he call me bro, dude and man to mask that he likes me?

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    Chelsie Muscarella

    I have been texting this man for a little under a week. My impression of him he’s incredibly sweet, level headed very hot yet in secure. He’s struggling with being lonesome and says he’s happy we are meeting tomorrow. He calls me bruh, I had politely pointed it out he said it’s a habit he calls everyone bro. He’s continued calling me that and now dude and man. I have flirted he says he loves the attention. He also doesn’t have many friends as well. I talk about my exes and other guy friends. He seems a little jealous I’ve made jokes about sexual stuff. He’s said he wouldn’t mind and wouldn’t say no. I’m not doing anything with anyone I’m very open with what I talk about. He respects that and me. He had randomly asked what types I think he’s into? I said I wasn’t sure. He then told me he’s into petite artsy, chill chicks. I am not petite just content and have been working on getting more in shape. He’s asked me what my intentions were regarding him. I said just seeking friends at this time in my life. I’ve had a horrible past relationship incredibly abusive ex and it’s time I focus on me and continue making friends in my area. I have a bunch from where I lived years back but they are hours away. I get the sense of two polar opposites. This man either likes me but he finds comfort in calling me bro, dude and man to mask that he likes me. He’s rather socially awkward and hasn’t had any luck with women for a few years. Let alone making friends. I’m gonna not compliment him tomorrow, if so, no more than once. I don’t believe in feeding someone compliments although I am true to them. I feel he should as he’s wanting to focus on himself and work on his self esteem. I know we text back and forth constantly. Im honestly not looking to date at most make a good friend and possibly maybe become fwb. What is your outlook on this? I’m sorry it’s a mess and probably something I’m over thinking.

    Thank you so kindly



    Hi Chelsie,

    He may be continuously calling you bro, dude and man because he doesn’t want to overthink where he is at with you in terms of romance.

    In essence, he may not be entirely sure about where all of this is leading. This may be why he asked you about what your intentions were regarding him.

    You replied that you were just seeking friends at this time.

    Hence, his relationship with you feels very ambiguous and unclear.

    On the one hand, you will make sexual jokes at him but on the other hand, you tell him that you are just seeking friends.

    He uses words like bro, dude and man because he figures that those words are platonic enough and he wouldn’t be drawing any attention to any romantic inclinations that he may have for you by so doing.

    At this juncture, he may not even know enough about how you see him to even try to mask his own emotions. In other words, he doesn’t know if you like him romantically.

    Being that he already hasn’t had any luck with women for a few years, he may not want to allow himself to believe that he should start liking you romantically if all of this is just going to end in disappointment with you telling him that all you want is friendship.

    So, to some extent he may have his guard up when it comes to you.

    Being that you are looking for a good friend and possibly maybe a fwb, it would be best to tell him exactly what it is that you are looking for when you meet him on this date.

    This will give the both of you a lot more clarity in terms of how to go about treating your relationship and will also help you both to stop overthinking.

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