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    <strong>Okay guys so I have a crush on this guy for awhile now, I’m not certain if he has a crush on me or if I’m just being stupid.
    This guy his name is Philip we’ll call him. I met Philip in August 2017 at the orientation at my on campus job he instantly stood out to in a group of all the people I met that day.
    He’s a senior is graduating this may we’re the same age but I’m a junior. His bday is 2 days before my bday on March 31.
    He jokes around with me alot and gives me a lot of attention and looks at me a lot.
    One time I was showing my boss a funny SNL skit and Phil asked what’s to funny, I tried to show it to him and he was like text it to me, I was like I don’t have your number I could email it to you, him: What’s yours? * I know sis I messed that up I was trying to be proper since my boss was there and later on in October of 2018 my boss told me he was trying to play matchmaker with Phil to another female coworker I was shooketh* I lowkey don’t know if he was flirting with me or not… because I’m oblivious and I looked ugly when I was younger, got recently cute so I still feel like an ugly duckling sometimes.
    Also whenever I walk by the desk he’ll yell out my name in front of everyone and the rest of the students in the student center for me to come to talk to him.
    On March 23 or 24 2018 my coworkers had their annual house party so I was really shy because this was like my 1st really college party since I commuted my freshman year, I was a sophomore when I went to this party. So I was dancing at the party to a playlist I made on the spot because people really liked the music I played at the party a lot of rnb, dancehall, rap, reggaeton,dance, pop music I was whining my little waist *Rihanna would’ve been proud of me you’ll and milly rocking the night away. * I was feeling a little buzzed and waiting for Phil to stop dancing with the other girl at the party and come dance with me and Simon one of my coworkers roommate’s that infatuated with me who follows me around like a lost puppy, and who all my other coworkers tell me likes me a lot but I don’t like Simin since he called me Coco :// like really all you had to say that I was pretty and not be extra:// and I was like sure why not so we danced alongside Phil and the other girl and Phil twirled and dipped the girl and Simon did the exact same thing except after he tried to twirl me girl I didn’t go back into his arms I twirled my happy ass and danced with some of girl coworkers it was low key effortless and funny. But I really just wanted to dance with Phil and everyone was telling me I made the party so much fun, the music was great and that I had dance moves.
    I’m sitting next to the Mac in a chair compiling a playlist and Phil squats down to me with a beer in his hand and we’re talking about music and sza kendrick lamar, good kid bad city next thing I know his face is really close to my face and we’re both just like looking t each other and I could feel him looking at my lips I LOWKEY THOUGHT he was going to kiss me my first kiss omg nd than his friend called him over and we both snapped out of our tipsy stupor
    He dedicated a song to me at the party in front of the other girl.
    Fast forward two days after the party I saw him at work, he told me he was so happy I came to the party and asked me for music recommendations, he asked me why everyone called me by my nickname Tsege or Titi and asked if he could call me by my nickname and I said yes, then he sernated me by singing my name Tsege is it was cute I’m brown skinned but I’m pretty sure I was blushing sis lmao I was trying to play cool since I had to finished my shift at work.
    I posted in our work group snapchat merry xmas to everyone and he responded Merry Christmas Titi, I miss you! This was during winter break, I’m so lame I replied Thank you because I didn’t want to misread the message in front of 20 people in the work group chat.
    I then later added him on snapchat as a friend and he is usually the first person of the 50 people that follow me on there to be the first person to view a snap whether it’s morning or night he is watching but who knows if he’s interested he never comments or contacts me on there ughhh
    He also sang me the in my feelings songs he said TiTi do you love me are you riding.
    Last week I no longer work at the my on campus job since I’m interning somewhere else: I came to the desk to print out some powerpoints and we were talking, and he started dancing around me until I started laughing at him. At my job the limit to print is 20 pages and I’m pretty sure I printed at least 100 pages and he was saying that he was going to beat me up because I printed too many pages and the funny thing is that he’s on crutches rn so I was like I’ll believe it when I see it, he was like I will, I was like good luck catching me and
    Does he like me? He’s graduating in May, possibly will be moving back to new jersey after graduation.

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