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    My ex and I broke up 2 months ago, he blocked me on everything and decided to unblock me. I was with my friends and I was drunk and I messed around with him and asked if we could be friends with benefits (I meant it as a joke). At first he brushed it off and did not agree to it, but after 2 days of not talking to him. He texted me, starting bringing back old memories of us, brought up things I use to say. I thought he was trying to get back with me but he thought about being friends with benefits and agreed to it. Of course I was quite astonished so I thought about it for a few days, asked friends for advice, and kept telling myself that this can hurt me because I still have deep feelings for him. So the past weekend, we met up with each other and he again started bringing back old jokes, memories, saying, he was being playful, and we hooked up (making out). I asked my friends if it looked like we were still dating or if it looked like we were just casual friends with some benefits and the majority of the people I’ve asked said dating. I don’t know what this means, should I meet up with him again and talk about it? I’m really stuck and I’ve been hung over him for the past few days since I saw him.

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