Does she like me or just send me signal that she doesn't interest in me?

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    Hi Luke,

    I would appreciate if you can give me some your thought and suggestion about my situation. This question has struggled me for a long time. I just want to find out if she likes me or even hate me or just simply not interest. I think she’s kind of a nerdy girl. I never saw her with anybody just like she doing everything alone. We first noticed each other in the library and we were in the same lecture. At first, she stared at me several times in the lecture hall. I even noticed that when I asked questions to the professor during the break time she still stared at me. During that time, she would always stare at me for a long time. Before the midterm, we saw each other every day in the library. I noticed that she seems like looking at what I’m doing almost every time she passed by my seat.
    Sometime later, maybe she found that I noticed her, whenever we caught each other’s eyes when she passed by me, she walked away quickly. Sometimes it’s like she walks quiet and kind of slow and when I try to look at her, she will suddenly speed up. Also, whenever we bump into each other she acts like I do not exist or super strange although I’m sure she exactly knows me. Recently, no matter where I sit, I always feel that she will pass through that place more often than usual, maybe it is just coincidence or just my personal feeling? Also, she is almost completely ignoring me when she passes through me. However, I think I caught up each other’s eyes for more than four times from a long distance but I’m not sure whether she’s really looking at me.
    We bump up again in the last week of this term and at that time she smiled very secretly and immediately look away (I ‘m pretty sure this time). So I finally go and introduce myself to her two days later and this is the first and only conversation we have but after that I still feel she intentionally avoided passing by me. However, at the last day in the library I was looking for some books on the bookshelf. (Bookshelves are arranged in rows) She just passed by the bookshelf where I was in at first and we saw each other, After a while, she slowly walked towards me from another bookshelf in the same row as me, and then left the aisle. I’m too nervous at that time and I didn’t even look at her when she came over.

    Thank you



    Hi Ryan,

    It may be more of a personal feeling on your end that this girl tends to pass by you no matter where you sit.

    If the both of you are constantly in the same space, it is always likely that you will see her pass by you.

    Hence, this is more coincidental than anything else.

    However, she does appear to be a socially awkward girl, as she tends to be alone and acts strange whenever you both bump into each other even though you believe that she is fully aware of who you are.

    Being that she is most likely a socially awkward girl or a girl with social anxiety, all the staring that you have experienced from her in the lecture halls and at the library may be simply due to curiosity. In essence, she may be a people watcher by nature.

    If she isn’t the kind to socialize all that often with people, she may be the kind who would much rather look at people and try to figure out what they are all about.

    This allows her to still maintain a comfortable distance from them due to her social anxiety while still being able to make herself believe that she knows them to an extent.

    She may or may not be interested in you.

    She is probably the type who hasn’t even allowed herself to truly acknowledge whether the curiosity she has for you is merely out of habit because she is a people watcher or out of romantic interest.

    It may be best that you just come right out and ask her out.

    Since she is always alone, it wouldn’t be hard for you to come over to her and do this. This way, you can truly determine whether there is any potential for romance with her without wasting any more time trying to figure out whether she likes you or not.

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