Does she really like me or just playing.

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    A girl used to stare at me always.I just asked her friend whats the name of girl but she refused to tell.Later on one of my friend told me her name and told that girl is not of good character(i was not fully satisfied).I just started to ignore her now but she still used to look me in a same way.After 1 month she also started to ignore me now.My another friend greeted her,my friend knew that girl,i asked for her name and name was something different and girl was of good character.i just told my friend to message her on fb and tell sorry.And the girl replied back to my friend(i exactly don’t know who you are talking about).
    Later,i messaged her on fb but she told me that she doesn’t know me and thers is a misunderstanding.i just stopped the conversation.
    Next day she started to smile and stare at me again but i was not in a same mood,i started to ignore her again.Later on i messaged her and told her to stop this.She blocked me on fb.After some days she again started to stare at me,looking after me always.I kept ignoring her.After a gap of 1 month,i just saw her again.She just unblocked me after 4monthes.I just want to does she really like me or does she only want attention,because when i messaged her on fb she talked to me strangely.

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