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    Brad Duffy

    Hey Luke this might not be a strictly romantic based question but their was this girl I was Pals with a couple of years back and we fell out because of communication and meeting up schedules and for a while now I wanted to confront her and see if we could put all the bad stuff in the past and try again, I recently seen her on Facebook and sent her a friend request but she hasn’t responded he so I’m not sure what to think/do from this point on,was what I did right or wrong if you could give me some tips on this that would be grand, thanks in advance for your time




    Hi Brad,

    Sending your friend from the past a Facebook friend request was not necessarily wrong to do.

    However, it has been a couple of years since the both of you fell out.

    Hence, it is not so surprising that you are yet to receive a response from her.

    In a scenario like this, it may be best to ensure that you have a good number of similar interests to hers.

    If you have similar interest to hers, she may feel more open to accepting your friend request.

    This would be an area for you to look into.


    Brad Duffy

    Thanks for the reply Luke.
    On what you said about common interests, I met her while we were both doing volunteering for something historical which was a topic we were both into when we hung out we both played video games that we liked and had the same interest in traveling and similar interests in music, I don’t know if I should message her and ask how things are going or if not is there anything else I could try?



    Hi Brad,

    You have quite a few things in common with her.

    Instead of messaging her asking about how things are going, you should use a similar interest as your opener.

    You could reference something to do with that historical event that you both volunteered for where she demonstrated a lot of passion for.

    That may help to trigger her memory and entice her to respond as a result.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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