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    Recently my ex boyfriend from high school had been on my mind. It has been four years and I still care about him and have strong feelings for him, but I’m also happy with my life without him. We broke up because he parents made us but I didn’t really get to talk to him about what happened; he just cut me out of his life and never talked to me again. I also had heard from some of our mutual friends that he was saying he hated me and other stuff like that. I was really confused because I hadn’t really don’t anything but tried to talk to him about what had happened and get an answer. That was four years ago when we were still in high school. A week ago I decided to follow him on Instagram thinking he would never follow me back but he did and he messaged me within 10 minutes. He asked when I would be coming hone to visit from college so we could get coffee. He was also saying “I haven’t seen you in so long girly” and “we have a lot to catch up on young lady ;)” which is so confusing for me. And he told me he was “grinding through a past relationship.” I’m just really confused about what he’s feeling and I don’t want to get my hopes up that he still has feelings for me when he really just wants to see how I’m doing. Please help!

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