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    We work together on certain events. That’s how we met. We dated a little in person and some long distance. I sent him an affectionate/ maybe needy-ish text one day trying to meet up saying I missed him too and could go to his area and stuff. He never wrote back. Ghosted me it’s been almost 2 weeks. Now I may seem him again for work and I don’t know how to act. I’m so hurt. Wish he could have at least said he just wants friendship or something. Should I pretend it never happened and act happy if I see him or call him out on the ghosting? Thank you…



    Hi Sheila,

    Yes, you should pretend it never happened and just be yourself the next time that you are around him at work.

    You don’t have to pretend to be happy if that isn’t who you are. Just act naturally.

    At the end of the day, he may not have felt like he ghosted you. He never made any promises that the both of you would meet. You were the one who sent him that text about meeting up.

    He never made any promises to you about the possibility of meeting up nor did he arrange an actual meetup with you.

    Again, technically, he may not feel like he ghosted you. You may feel that way because you have feelings for him and were affected by the fact that you never got to meet up with him that day.

    However, it is important to try to look at the situation from his perspective.

    With this understanding, it would be best not to call him out on ghosting when you see him again at work.



    Your response helps me so much! Thank you, really, for your refreshing perspective. You’re so right. I have feelings involved and while his interest might not be there, doesn’t mean he was trying to break an arrangement because he never made one.
    I like your videos for how direct they are and I like you always put out new stuff. I would be curious to see one on how to be more confident with men, or what is attractive confidence in a man’s eyes? Or anything of that sort. I think I may be steering myself wrong in that dept. thanks again.

    Thank you very much!



    You are welcome Sheila.

    Here is a video on confidence – How To Be More Confident

    All the best.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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