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    Zeek Holden

    So I came across a 25 year old single mother (5 year old son) via social media and after a few exchanges over months she initiated wanting to meet up for coffee. We met, somewhat broke the ice and that following week became intimate after hanging out T,W,&F. We had our first date planned for Saturday and she flaked last minute. She avoided my phone call, became argumentative and ultimately said her son is her priority and she slowly faded away a week later while the last words said were showing interest in me. I reached out to her two weeks later telling her i miss getting to know her and that i believe she is special and she responded telling me that she doesn’t have time for it. Two months later she reaches out to me expressing similar feelings and that she was trying to get her life together but didn’t want to lose me. So we agreed to try again and she was going above and beyond for about 4 1/2 weeks and had expressed wanting to be together long term and wanting me in her sons life, introduced me to her family, went on a date, hung out intimately regularly and at week five, having talked every single day, she slowly started to repeat her ghosting. Taking longer to respond, being dry and uninterested, no longer saying goodnight but still saying the right things. She reminded me that she was physically tired from working and being a mom and disappeared not texting back and ignoring a few calls leading up to a date that she wanted to go on? I told her i wish her and her son the best and she didn’t respond but continues to look at my snapchat. A week later I texted her seeking closure and she gave me the same reasoning from the first attempt, that she didn’t have the time or energy and that i deserve someone who could give their full attention. I pleaded that she was the one who took it to this level emotionally but she ultimately ghosted again and simply continues to watch my snapchat.
    I am losing myself and need help.

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