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    So I’ve been talking to this girl but she constantly seems to ghost me and when we do talk she seems flirty ex she sends kisses trough voice message or she compliments me I don’t know if she’s just being friendly or she could be a potential girlfriend also she always tries to initiate conversation and I know that she doesn’t do that a lot with other guys when we talk she always tries to make plans for example today we had a conversation and she brought up the topic of shipping and how nice it would be to go tougher one day or inviting me to meet her dog I’ve only known this girl for a month and I could have the wrong picture of what’s happening between thanks for the help love your vids


    Jensen 23

    The problem is if a girl liked you and you just had met, she would never be as confident as you describe. Like she would be a bit shy, look at you a lot, and expect you to be the intiater.
    But maybe she is a very confident girl, But if you want to be more then friends, touch her more, show that you see her as your girlfriend rather than just friends. If still same, then try to ignore her for a bit, does she still find you attractive?
    And last but not least, BRO ASK HER!? i know it could risk your friendship, but bro this move could change the rest of your life, friends comes and goes, your wife stays. Instead of wondereing if she likes you, then go try it!, before its too late – the more you wait and it keeps go like you are describing, the better friends would you be, and more “friendzone” SO GET YOUR CONFIENDCE UP AND SHOW REAL INTEREST.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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