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    Hi, again me with full story.

    I started to talk to this girl 1 year ago. I was interested in her even though i had a gf. I went out with her several times and I could feel that she felt the same. I broke up with my gf but then I was too needy to this new girl and really acted like sh.t. So it didn’t work out. Then we haven’t talked for almost 6 months. She found a bf.
    4 months ago we kinda started to talk again in a friendly way but I again started to feel something. We talked for a month and then she said she didn’t want to talk to me anymore. (I am certain that it was her bf telling her to cease communication with me – she told me so later).
    We haven’t been talking for 2 months then. Now she reached out to me saying she wanted to talk to me. She also broke up with her bf. We then basically agreed to be friends( but she acted weird when I proposed it at first). I thought that I would be okey, that I would never feel something more again. Yet here we go. We are friends, she tells me everything and a few days ago when we were at the night club she was flirting with my friend(it was so obvious). I was like ok I wanted to be just friends in the beginning but now it hurts me. When I asked her why she would text to me again after she told me to fck off back then she told me that she liked me and didn’t want to lose me and that she was happy to talk to me again. Is there any chance to change the situation? I mean we really have a great time together, when we text to each other or when we are out but I feel that the problem is attraction. She just isn’t attracted to me like she used to be at the beginning of this whole thing. She is just my doom… When I am telling myself I am finally over she reaches out and boom, i am in it once again, even deeper.
    Is there any way of building sexual attraction or just general attraction that would give me a chance of getting out of this friendzone? I am afraid that after such a long time we know each other she just won’t change the way how she sees me. I don’t want to lose her but I will because I can’t stand living like that. There areseveral girls who like me and i know it and my friends just say why the fck I am holding onto this girl when she isn’t that beautiful especially if I could have better but… You know. I can’t help this. Only thing that runs in my head all the time is why would she pop up in mi life again and again and everytime it’s a fucking disappointment for me. Thanks for an advice though I am not sure if there is a happyend way out of this.



    Hi Peter,

    Try hanging out with her as often as you can one on one. Start with suggesting activities to her that you know she would enjoy.

    If you want to build sexual attraction it would be best to pick activities that require physical proximity and a lot of bodily contact.

    These could be activities such as dancing, theme parks, etc. Again, it really depends on what she enjoys.

    Consistently experiencing the kind of physical proximity and bodily contact that these kind of activities tend to require may eventually get her back to a place where she starts feeling a stronger sense of attraction towards you like she once did.

    As long as you are patient in engaging in these activities and avoid trying to force the attraction, you may ultimately get out of the friendzone with her.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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