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    Hello datinglogic 🙂
    What does it mean when a guy tells his mom about you? Basically the situation is, there is a guy I really like. We’ve just been talking a lot, our conversations are super interesting. There is just this natural connection between us which makes me want to care for him and know him better (obviously I can only speak for myself here). A few days ago he was on loud speaker on the phone with his mom, and she mentioned my name. When he hang up I asked laughing, how does your mom know my name? He replied calmly “because I told her about you”. I was quite shocked I just moved on to another subject without asking further questions. Now I realise I probably should have. By the way, as him and I only met about two months ago, I’ve never met his mom.
    I can’t help but think why would he tell his mom about me? In what context? How would he bring it into the conversation?
    Any ideas why he would do that? Thank you for your time xx

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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