He broke up with me again because of depression.

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    My boyfriend just broke up with me, not because he doesnt love me, because he is depressed, of money, of living in another country,…he did the same thing before, we still have to live together now. He said he feels like he has no benefit for me, and he feels like he is completely in charge of my happiness (this is my fault, i show my emotion in a wrong way, for example if i have to go somewhere without him, i would show my disappointment), he said he can’t be a good boyfriend for me right now, he need to be alone and need to get rid of whatever he could so that he can do some shit for his life (which are reading and writing), he said he cares deeply for me but he can’t give me 100% right now. I don’t know what to do. Like i said, this happened once before and he told me the exact same things above, but then he had to fly back to his country because something serious happened to his family. After 1 year he finally flew back for me, he said he chose me over his country, his family, his friends, his dogs, he said he gave up everything and came back here just because he loves me, but now everything is just falling apart, specially when the Corona Virus thing starts, he said he is angry everyday, he feels like he is living in a nightmare, always be pushed, he said he’s only one human being.

    I’m so sad, so sad… What should I do for us to be normal, for him to feel better and want to be in the relationship again ?

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