He has blocked me everywhere is it over?

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    Hi I have a question. Me and boyfriend had a fight and he got really angry and have blocked me know almost everywhere what does this mean is it over? I saw that he hasnt blocked me on instagram so I sended him a message but he hasnt respond. And I dont know if I should book my ticket or not I suposse to see him next month he leaves in another country. Do you have any advice for me?
    Im really hurt and dissapointed on him. I dont know why he does this to me.



    Hi Zarah,

    It is highly unlikely that it is over. Your boyfriend blocked you almost everywhere as an immediate reaction to the fight that you both had.

    Hence, he reacted emotionally without thinking things through. This often means that he will unblock you when he is no longer so upset.

    It is best that you don’t try to send him anymore messages on Instagram or anywhere else. Doing so could remind him of the fight and this could cause him to stay upset with you even longer.

    You just need to give him a little time to cool off from the fight. As long as you do this, he will unblock you and possibly send a response to the message that you sent to him on Instagram.

    For now, hold off on booking your ticket.

    Let him reach out to you first.

    Once the both of you make up, he will most likely ask if you are still coming to his country to see him. This would be your indication that he wants you to go ahead and book your ticket.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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