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    I’ve been dating this guy for some time now, about 7months. We’re in a long distance relationship, I always have to lie to mum in order to see him so I told him I would like to inform my mum about us, at least that will save me from lying to her. He told it was too early to let her know. I brought this topic up the second time in about a week later. He disagreed again and told me “you know what, we should be friends for now, it’s best for both of us”. He hasn’t replied to my messages and calls since yesterday. He’s 31 and I’m 21. Help please



    I am so sorry to hear this. It sounds like he is not serious. If he was, he changed his mind. You are still young and from you wanting to share with your mom that shows you are considerate and respectful as well. Be with someone that will accept you and all that comes with you including your family. Family blood is thicker always remember that. Mom has your back. If he is not ready to meet mom, he may be hiding something that your mom will pick up and share with you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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