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    Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 2 years, it was really good in the beginning, but over time our communication grew poor and it hurt our relationship immensely along with other issues. This led to both of us cheating on each other, each for different reasons, not that it matters. About one month ago I found out he was cheating and he admitted to it, we broke up, after this I confessed to making the same mistake. We both agreed that we wanted to fix things and try to get back the relationship and communication we had before. But now there are serious trust issues. I cannot trust him when he goes to work and I become extremely clingy and needed. I’m afraid that this is not only hurting my mental health, but any chance of us making real progress towards fixing things. How can I trust my significant other again?



    From a single guy point of view, who has watched alot of dating video, but never has been in a relationship:

    The only person who can answer this question is you my friend, like we dont know nothing avbout your boyfriend, your relationships your surrondings and so on. Every relationsship has there bad times, and hard strugles and rough times. My tip to you is to have another serious talk with your boyfriend, and tell him this, instead of keeping it in to yourself, like you have been together for 2 years. And if everything goes wrong anyway look at the mirror, and cofess to yourself that this was meant to be. Like maybe it meant that you two should not be together… BUt dont be sad stay possitive and take a seriuos talk to him, invest in your relationship, and trust him. IF you cant trust him, then why even be with him? I wish you the best of luck, and i hope you´ll stay happy no matter what, life is too short to being sad.

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