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    I have been friends with this girl for a year now but lately I’ve ve been developing feelings for her. If I asked her to come out just the two of us she would give me some bullsh. excuse and she just wants to meet only if there is more people coming.
    I tried to make her jealous and just stepped back to show her that she could lose me – I wanted to see if she would notice. Well, she did,she was asking me needy questions, initiating conversations, trying to find out whether I found a new gf and she also made compliments, sent a lot of emojis which she doesn’t do much. I told her I don’t have any new gf.
    Then I know she had a problem with her ex bf but as far as i know she solved it fast but since then we barely speak. She stopped sending snaps, stories, she doesn’t do streams on IG and she only sometimes reacts to my stories and. A few days ago she started to post some deep stuff on twitter generally saing that feeling are bad and that we shouldn’t expect anything…
    I told her we could go out and chill with other friends but the other friends didn’t have any time so she said that she probably won’t go beacuse parents wouldn’t let her.

    I just want to know how to get her to going out with me, since she is making excuses(she told me that parents wouldn’t let her go but even though we have coronavirus… Idk it’s just bullshi. and if she wanted to go she would)

    And what do you think happened after the exbf problem? Why isn’t she reaching out to me?


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