How do I stop being ghosted by women on dating apps?

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    I have not had the best experiences when it comes to getting ghosted on dating apps.

    On Bumble, I have had some matches but I noticed that the women don’t start the conversation. They just ignore me.

    I have tried other dating apps and tried starting conversations that ultimately led to me being ghosted. Maybe I am just too boring.

    What are some great ways to start a conversation with women on dating apps and make it interesting? How can I avoid getting ghosted on dating apps?



    Hi Axel,

    A great way to start a conversation with a woman on a dating app is by asking her an open-ended question about something she wrote about on her dating profile in great detail.

    It lets her know that you actually read her dating profile which instantly scores you some brownie points because many men don’t bother doing this.

    To keep conversation interesting, don’t rest on any one topic for too long. Segue into new topics with ease and don’t be afraid to crack a joke here and there.

    Cracking a joke helps to lighten the mood and keeps the conversation fun. This keeps a woman invested in the conversation, reducing the chances that she ghosts you.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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