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    We argued and I dumped him by deleting our realtionship status on facebook. He got so mad he deleted me from all social media and don’t want to talk to me ever again. He post so much on social media, acting like he doesn’t care. He often do it when we split. I usually appologize first when it’s my fault and then we get back together but now I’m so heartbroken and want to talk to him, but obviously he doesn’t want to and I’m worried if it’s the end. We were a couple since we was 14, and now we’re 21. We love each other, I mean I can only guess If he does love me too but we always sacrifice so much. We argued about a little thing, a word-game and I always overreact. And I dont want anyone else but him



    Hi Alaia,

    One of the most effective ways to get a guy back when he is mad at you is to give him space.

    When guys get mad, they can overreact.

    That is why he deleted you from all of his social media when you dumped him and deleted your relationship status with him on Facebook.

    He deleted you from all of his social media because he was trying to get back at you for what you did.

    However, even though you may be heartbroken at the moment and really want to talk to him, you should take a step back.

    Do not contact him or try to.

    Guys often cool off when left alone.

    Avoid going to his social media during this time as well.

    Doing this will only tempt you to continuously try reaching out to him in some way and this would only cause him to stay mad at you even longer because he would be constantly reminded of the incident that led to the breakup.

    As long as you stay out of it and just let him be, he will most likely reach out to you relatively soon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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