How to react to mistreatment?

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    I was with a man who progressively stopped valuing me and started to be rude..
    I made a lot of excuses to myself for a while instead of speaking up about a lot of little things that built up..
    Then I talked to him about it and he apologised and put in a lot of effort for a week straight, but then slipped back to not valuing me right after..
    I talked to him again and ended up getting emotional saying I felt like he didn’t care about me, he walked out and we both cut all contact for 2 months..
    He came back with a huge apology, but after we talked he just cut contact for months again..
    He randomly reached out at 2AM, I didn’t answer.
    He contacted me on social media instead saying he wasn’t sure if I got his last message, said he was very curious about me, wrote a huge apology, and asked if we could catch up, and if I’ve moved on he understands..
    I told him I didn’t want to deal with all this mistreatment, that if he wants to treat me well I’d like to work things out romantically, and he ended up just cutting contact again..
    After that he went all over social media publicly without naming names saying that he hurt me, regrets it, is sorry, he didn’t know what he wanted or could settle on things, and hopefully we can find better paths in 2019..

    Now he’s back AGAIN after months of no contact apologising and wanting to catch up..

    I’m not sure how to even handle this situation because I just keep feeling like I’m stuck in a loop of being jerked around and mistreated..

    How do I react to this, and how do I prevent this sort of thing happening with other people in the future?

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