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    He says to me: “whatever medication you’re taking clearly isn’t working,” “you have more issues than previously thought,” “you’re not very clever,” and screams in my face that I’m a “retard,” then has the audacity to say: “I’ve always liked you but have kept it from you.” What does this mean?

    He used to stare at me frequently (and smile at me.) and he still does it when he thinks I am not paying attention. He looks away when I look up at him. He has never approached me to start a conversation. It was always me who started the conversation with him. Some of the time he was interested in conversing with me, other times he ignored me flat out. He’s even attempted to not do secretly take photos of me. He has an ex wife who he keeps in contact with and this bothers me, as I really like this man. They have a child together that he apparently doesn’t bother to see.

    I am just so confused. Why would have behave in such a manner if he has an ex he still keeps in contact with?

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