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    We have been together for 6 months including our “talking” stage. We broke up for about 3 weeks during the beginning of this quarantine because I got reactive and broke up with him out of anger. A week after breaking up he contacted the ex girlfriend and had sex with her. They have continued texting and trying to make plans since we’ve been back together, but he says when push came to shove he never went through with it and that he should’ve shut it down when we got back together. He was the one that came to me after those 3 weeks asking to give us another shot. Now I’m left wondering if I should stay or go. I found all of this out by seeing it on his computer and confronted him. Yes, he seems remorseful and has blocked her and deleted old photos from his Facebook and Instagram account; but is that and what he has told me enough? I am 22 years old, he is 25. He said that he loves me and knows that we are meant to be together, but then I asked him why would you risk losing me if you felt that way and he said he didn’t know, that he was an idiot and made a mistake and regretted it. I always said I would never accept cheating and even though he said he’s only seen her 1 time during our break up period, how do I know that is in fact true at this point? I want to believe him, but I am scared and hurt.

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