I don't want to give up on her, what do I do?

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    Deangelo Jomoc
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    I knew this girl for 3 years, we were close friends and I started talking to her. I caught feelings for this person and told her how i felt in voice chat. She simply said “I don’t know what to say right now” then dismissed me. I realized I messed up, so I stopped reaching out to her. I became depressed at first because I thought it was her way of giving a soft rejection but I really don’t know for sure. So I look the time for self-development and started doing things I loved Then a month has gone by, she reached out to my parents and friends to how I was doing. In her Instagram stories, she’d share songs about love. I don’t know for sure if it was meant for me, but the verses that she sent on her stories were about missing me and saying I’m the one. I thought it was indirect way of confessing to me but I also had the suspicion she might be manipulating me. After viewing those two songs, she deactivated her Instagram accounts. What should I do to turn it around? Should I ask her out after time has passed and improved on myself? Or should I address the issue at hand and try to clear misunderstandings?

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    Hey Deangelo. I am sorry that you are going through this and I feel like you spoke right to me because my situation is so similar. I feel like you should just do whatever you feel in your heart and casually ask her out to do something. If it doesn’t work out then she’s not the one for you. Hope this helped. <3

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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