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    Rafael Ramirez

    So me and my lady friend planned a trip to Las Vegas Nevada 3 weeks in advance. I told her that I was gonna buy 2 plane tickets for me and her round trip and she agreed. And suddenly 3 days before a trip she decides to bail on me. Her excuse was that her boyfriend didn’t let her go but then suddenly she switched her mind and said I don’t feel safe with you in Vegas. But I’ve known her for 8 years me and her have hung out in my Room alone and nothing ever happened my intentions were never to take her to Vegas in try to do something with her because at the end of the day that’s just my friend nothing more what I don’t understand is why she agreed to go with me and gave me her word and then suddenly she wants to bring up the fact that she has a boyfriend. Now I can’t get my money back I lost a $114 my tickets were nonrefundable if I were have gone to Vegas by myself she would have had $400 of credit under her name for a plane ticket which she did not even pay for I paid for and she knew that I paid for both tickets and she even picked the days. What should I do man, I was so mad at her I’ve never been that mad in my life.

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