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    Jesper lee

    Hi btw love your videoes no promotion just directly to the point – keep up the good work!!!.

    My problem is i have had a crush on one of my clasmates for the last 2 years, but just low key. But now i was tired of it and i wanted to kiss her at the next party, and maybe build a relationship. She was looking at me alot, and same to me i did aswell. So one month before the uocomming school party, i took my balls and went directly in school and asked her for her snapchat. Since then we snapped and it she was committed in the conversationen, i did not snap her everyday since i did not want to friendzone her, or be presented as a creep. But i was happy and proud that i took the fear and got the snap and snapped her, and the she were starring even more, and ofc we talked a bit in class (like we have been classmates for 2 years!).
    I got rejected at the school party, and i really hurted me, but i could see in her eyes that she was sad too, it felt like is just wasnt there, but she still wants it. AND i mean this, im not dramitcally putting her above everything else, i actually belive we have something between us, but it just did not work on that night – i did not engage her at the party in the best possible way – and i was sad ofc.

    But the problem is, can i send her a snap now? she is still looking at me, but not as much, and im kinda ignoring her 🙁 – but i dont want too, like i really believe that i just did not took the chance well.

    Can i still send her a snap? or should i leave her as it is and accept the rejection.



    Hi Jesper Lee,

    Thank you and I am glad that the videos have been helpful to you.

    If you truly want to be her platonic friend and understand that she has no interest in you romantically, you can send her a snap.

    However, if your only desire to send a snap is because you continue to harbor romantic feelings for her and you are hoping that you will have another chance with her in the future, it may be best not to send her a snap.

    In a scenario like that, yes, you should leave her be and accept the rejection.

    You may believe that there is something between the both of you and that you were just unable to engage her in the best possible way at the school party.

    However, do understand that as human beings, our minds can make us believe some rationale that we have concocted simply because we want a person so badly.

    The sad look that you saw in her eyes may have simply been due to her feeling bad about rejecting you as opposed to feeling that it just wasn’t there between the both of you in that moment.

    In essence, try to avoid making yourself believe that there was something more. It is best to take what happened at face value and accept it so that you don’t continue hanging on to what would most likely be false hope.


    Jesper lee

    Hi again.
    The problem is that after i got rejected in the school party, we met again (at the party still!) and she said sry, and said “(my name), it just wasnt there, im sorry”, and ofc took my arm behind her and said it was fine, no worries and apoligized as well. Then after she looked at alot (still in the party), but i had lost all my confidence at that moment to go up and talk to her. When i left the party, she was sitting a bit far from the door, and she even wawed goodbye at me, and ofc i wawed again – but i did not say anything – i think she knows that i was crushed at that moment.
    NEXT WEEK – in school
    Since then, we have talked and joked, but never mention about the school party. But i can feel a bit arkwardness between her and me, and i think that she still thinks a bit of it – but ofc i dont know.
    Now its 2 weeks since i have snapped her, we have not snapped since the party, and our snaps conversations have worked good – she is engaged and so am i ofc.

    In school she is kinda ignoring mee, but smiles with linger when we get the eyecontact.

    Can i snap her now with the purpose of getting her? or just accept the rejection and continue as friend?

    I probbally will snap her either way, i just have to know in which way i should snap her. Because right now we snapped before the party, and now its just completly silence between us – we only say hi, bye and smiles. And i dont want that, either i want her (ofc this option the most) or i want to be her friend and accept the rejection.



    Hi Jesper,

    Wanting her is understandable.

    However, she clearly showed at the school party that she doesn’t want you in the same way.

    Regardless of how much she looked at you after having rejected you, she still made it clear that she wasn’t interested in you by rejecting you in the first place.

    Again, you should only send a snap to her if you are truly intent on being her platonic friend.

    If you send her a snap in the hopes that you can somehow get her to like you, you may find yourself repeatedly getting rejected.


    Jesper lee

    So are you saying girls never regret their rejection? like im sure that any orther girl would have ignored me, and not even look at me (even at the party or before), i know i maybe overact and put my feelings over reality, but i truly belive i still have a chance. And i mean this, i have seen a tons of your video and what you says is so got damn accruate to my life is unreal – keep up the good work – i miss your face videos doe.

    I dont fear the fact that being rejected again, if i do i will respect her and see her as my classmate. But maybe your right i’ll see times go on, and see how she reacts – ty.



    Hi Jesper Lee,

    Thank you and I am glad that the videos have helped you.

    There are girls who have regretted rejecting a guy. It does and can happen. It doesn’t happen as often as most guys would like but it is not unheard of.

    If you truly believe that you still have a chance with this girl, all the power and luck to you.

    However, try not to become too caught up in believing that this girl is somehow different because she gave you attention when other girls would have ignored you.

    She may have given you attention at that party because you were a familiar face and she felt more comfortable interacting with you than with anyone else or most people at that party.

    After all, the both of you have been classmates for 2 years. It wouldn’t have been much of a stretch for her to give you some attention.

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