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    So this girl volunteers at the hostel I’m at to take people to salsa class. I met her in the lobby and her boyfriend was with her, she did not introduce him as that or anything. He did not come with us to the salsa class. We started the class and she seemed pretty composed but later on she seemed slightly nervous she also adjusted her hair and outfit,which I’ve read are some subtle signs women give unconsciously sometimes. When the class was over it was time for “social dancing” she stayed with me for about two hours after the class we danced and talked and she had some beer while I had red bull lol. I think we had a good time together. While we were talking she mentioned that Michael the guy I had met was her boyfriend, she just causally slipped it in there as she was talking about a liquor he had brought back from somewhere. We were talking about different salsa dancing studios and clubs and she said I should write the names down but a few moments later she said take my number incase you forget the names. We all know about google and notes, I could’ve easily written it down or googled them on my own she probably knows this too. So she gave me her number and we said goodnight, however she did mention she wouldn’t be able to meet up to dance this week. I’m really confused about what this means because I feel like the reason she said she was giving me her number was not the real reason. I really enjoyed her company and liked her I want to know what I should do.

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