Im confuse does she likes me as friend or romantically?

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    There’s this girl where I known for 1 year but had on intention for trying her at first, somehow i went from not talking to her talking to every day, late night text and share a lot of stuff, at the beginning when we started to know each other ,she asked what do you think about me being close with another guy, which is my friend, and she said people mistakenly thinking they’re dating, and I answered it doesn’t bother me at all, then we started to be close , we flirt now and then, we almost share everything we go through daily, at a point of time she even said something like confession when I asked her why do you like me and where she said I was really sweet to her, I was caring and lovable, fast forward couple of weeks late suddenly she started to ignore me , she doesn’t text , even if I text her it takes her 2 days to reply,she dosent reply my IG stories , which last time she would reply every time anything I post, so im really confused, meanwhile shes getting close with the other guy to,they would hug constantly, play around like couples,flirts but when I asked her agin she said they were just friends, then one day I pretended, I liked another girl, she gets upset for it and told it made her feel insecure after I told it was nothing serious, then everything looks like going normal back, she again ignore me, I can see shes online in whatsapp and talikng with the other guy but , couldnt reply to my text, sometimes she shows interst sometime she just ignores it, and now they became really close at point that I cant really take it no more, just upsets me soo much , i cant take it no more , i love her so much but i dont know if she feels the same toward me, help me please

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