Im confused with this guy.

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    Me and this guy been talking we really liked each other and everything was great for a month but something happend and we stopped talking for 2 days and we spoke again he said he still likes me but now something seems off and he treats me normally and dosent flirt with me or text me as much idk im confused he sometimes ignores me shows me he dosent care anymore maybe he does still give me little attention i think idk i dont text him often too im confused :c but i have a feeling he still likes me or he found a better girl its weird cuz after we didnt talk for a while and when we spoke again we said we still like each other and now this he did say he was in his feelings and idk confused mayne he loest interest in me? Cuz he was in love with me he used to say it alot oh and he used to get jealous alot even after we kinda stopped talking but someone flirted with me infront of him and he didnt show that he cared. Sorry for my bad english its my third lang



    Hi Amy,

    When the both of you stopped talking for two days, something may have happened within that time frame that caused him to stop caring for you in the same way that he used to.

    Perhaps some other girl came into his life or something may have happened in his life that made him reconsider his relationships, both platonic and those with romantic potential.

    It was immediately after this two day break from talking to each other that he stopped flirting with you as much or texting you as much.

    At this point in time, he may be just as confused about where to take this relationship or where it is going as you are.

    This may be why he still tends to tell you that he likes you. He may not want to shut out the opportunity for romance with you entirely.

    However, the longer that the confusion persists, the more comfortable he will become with it. This increases the likelihood that your relationship with him will never get back to where it once was.

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