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    Chris G

    Guys and girls, I will just to the point. I know this girl likes me, she is showing me the shy looks, u know all the signs that a girl likes a guy. When I tried talk to her today at my Unviersity and when I was close to her – she was on her phone – I punk out and went to the bathroom. May somebody give me real life advice on how to overcome my shyness or motivations to have the balls to talk to her. Thanks


    Karina Cisneros

    Hey, um well i’ve dealt with this many times lol.
    The trick is to find something you guys have in common. Make her laugh, but don’t push it, if she likes to play around, maybe tickle her, play battle fingers with her, if you want to touch her hand, tell her to measure hands, but do it casually. And i mean, you know she likes you, that’s the hardest part! She’s literally waiting for you to make a move believe me. Do it or she might get bored. Remember, just be you.

    Just a humble opinion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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