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    I really could use some guidance. My internet friend, who is also my best friend at this point, has become my main focus. I find myself in a way infatuated and it seems fueled BC of the things they do. They listen to me, tell me how much they care about me, write me songs, and send me mail. I’ve come to the realization that it’s most likely only friendly on their part, and misinterpretation on mine, but yet I love being their friend. It’s a killer cycle. I can’t distance myself to put out the fantasy because our entire friendship is based out of texting and iD lose them. They’ve treated me better than anyone, even my parents and I find myself turning to them every day. Whenever we don’t talk I find myself depress and wallowing; it’s like serious separation anxiety from talking to them every minute of every day. I need help getting over them badly. I’m going to meet them at some point and i have vocal tics where I confess my inner thoughts aloud ( bad luck huh) and i really need a clear mind . Thank you.



    I guess the question would be “how can I get over them?” Lol



    Hi Anna,

    A good way to get over your internet friend of whom you are in love with and who also happens to be your best friend is to start getting busy with other activities during your day.

    If you text each other every minute of every day, it would be next to impossible to get over them.

    You need to create a healthy separation.

    This means developing a life of your own filled with activities that you love and that you want to learn.

    This will also help you build new relationships.

    By having more relationships in your life, you will have other people to talk to and eventually start confiding in.

    This helps in decreasing your emotional dependence on this internet friend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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