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    I thank you kindly for your advice.

    I am a young 21 yr old female in the last weeks of college experience. I have been in an on and off relationship since, I was 18. Right before the summer of college me and him started dating, we were in long distance because we attended different universities but lived in the same hometown of Georgia. During previous years of college us being young, we would often get into arguments break up temporarily. But within those times of break ups. I would make a impatient mistake and sleep around, I was young and I thought that me and him wouldn’t be in a relationship for long, however this relationship turns out to be a long term relationship. We are both graduating college soon and we are finally harmonious things couldn’t be better. The affairs I had during the time we were split are weighting heavily on my mind causing anxiety thinking I might get caught one day. However I can’t tell him because we have been together for 4years in July he is a very nice guy this would crush him I don’t want to hurt him nor ruin my chances with him. This relationship made it thru all 4 years of college minus the affairs when we where broken up. The affairs I had when we were spilt were simply due to me acting out of hurt and insecurities. That had nothing to do with the guy he is. I want to continue to move forward in this relationship because he is my soulmate and I believe this will be a wonderful thing. We have made it thru college.

    What advice should I a heed to going fourth.

    Thank you for your time and wisdom!!!

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