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    I met this guy in university and he is driving me nuts, I cannot read the signals.
    First day he sat next to me (he arrived late though and little place was left). Then at the break he left and adtertsone time I notice him accross the room seeming to look straight at me, I looked away first but he didn’t. Then I was chatting to a girl who found out that guy and I come from the same school. While she pointed, we both looked up at him and he was talking to a friend but body oriented towards us and looking our direction. When he sae us both looking he shortened the conversation with his friend and came to sit with us. So all three of us talked and he asked me a lot of questions (but nothing very personal). At some point he asked me if I had a team for the project (I didnt) and offered to join their team. At the end of class he asked for my facebook “to create the team group chat”. Then he said “if there’s anything you need help with just let me know”, emphasizing on “anything” (or just my imagination).

    Till this part, I was unsure wether his friendliness was from the fact that we come from the same school (hence being solidary), or just because he’s canadian lol, because jokes apart, Canadians are super nice all the time.

    Few weeks forward, I am lost in the mixed signals. In two months he has never made a clear move, does small talk but ONLY about school. However when he engages the conversation he sometimes asks me things he already asked me before (and had a conversation about it so less likely to forget?). Is that a sign of trying to keep the conversation going or just disinterest as he forgot? Also, he ALWAYS touches my arm in class and doesn’t mive back, all from day 1. However, I think he does that with everyone sitting next to him because he needs space to write. However even when he is not writing, it happens his arm would brush mine and keep it that way a few secs. But I noticed last week he was also doung the same thing with the person sitting next to him so I don’t know if it’s a sign.
    Also, he always sits next to me in the morning (we are in the same team though, so maybe it’s normal), and when he arrives he ALWAYS says hi with a nice smile and asks how I’m doing.

    Now the interesting part.

    The other day he asked for my pen to sign on the presence sheet, when his pen was just in fromt of him. And his pen did work because I saw him using it all the rest of class. That day I tried to really flirt with him. I would brush him when sitting, ask questions about the class etc. At the end of class he left on his own (as usual) but at some point he was in front of us. He asked me when the assignment was due ( something I ALREADY TOLD HIM just 2 hours ago), I told him again. Then he asked if I had plans for the break. Stupid me, didn’t get anything and told him I was going on a trip with a friend. This was really the only time he asked me something non related to class. Do you think he was trying to ask me out?
    Do you think he took my amswer as a rejection?

    Next week, he said hi as usual in a smiley way, small talk. At the break I was with my friend and he came by us and said “So how you guys doing” with a little smile, and looking straight at me when saying that. He sat with us and his friend joined. I told him about our trip with a lame joke and he laughed. Then my friend briefly left. The conversation was trailing and kind of awkward, at some point no one was talking and he was on his phone. Again he asked me a question he already asked me before (If I knew anyone from our school here), I still answered.
    I don’t know if his behavior was proof of lack of interest or nervousness? Thing is not the nervous or shy type of guy, he is more silent but not shy. And again, I don’t understand why he asks me questions he already asked me before? It’s not like he could forget because we’ve had conversations about it and they’re specific questions.

    After that awkward moment we left back for class. He didn’t really do the usual arm touching as usual, and when I “accidentally” did, he swiched positions. Is that a rejection? Or is it that the whole touching when writing is something he doesn’t notice since he seems to do it with other people?

    I am very confused please help me. My friend said he might be intimidated and advised me to make eye contact, look away and look back at him. I think that’s too straightforward and if it appears he is not interested, that would end up awkward since we still are in the same team for our project.

    Please help me, is he just uninterested, nervous around me, or what? What can i do to make him make the first move if he is interested?

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