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    There is this women I go to school with she is 32 and I’m 26. She actually approached me first but she did it little by little every day. So she decided to sit by me and start a conversation and told me she has a brother and sister and told me there names. Come to find out I knew her sister I used to work with her. So we started talking pretty much every day she would come sit by me and we would clown around.I felt like she was interested. She never bought up her boyfriend but she did mention her son I wanted to ask for her number but was unsure so I sent her a friend request on Facebook and found out she actually is in a relationship. I just don’t understand why she would come on to me like this and she is in a relationship already. I was about to ask for her number. I’m glad I didn’t though. What do you think about all this I know this is long and there is more but why would she do this. We still talk and she now does bring up her boyfriend now that she know I know obviously. We still sit by each other everyday and clown a little bit.



    It’s possible that she was bored in her relationship and was looking for a little flirtatious fun. A guy did this to me one time and he’s still happily with his girlfriend. It’s annoying that people do this, but it seems like she was just wanting to have a little fun and flirt with you, especially if she’s talking about her boyfriend now that you know she has one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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