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    Hello I just want to enquire what is going on.
    I have started a new workplace fairly recently. I make the upmost effort to be positive and kind to everybody. I try to dress smartly aswell.
    Just a background, I have my own office/lab where fellow coworkers can come and sample some products.
    One specific coworker started off very friendly, complimenting me everyday on something e.g. my smile, my dress, my make up, how he will try and not look at me anymore because I look good. Even said he wishes he could spend more time with me (in a good way).
    I have given him the odd compliment back commenting on what he does to keep in shape and how he seems like a good guy.
    I have made it clear to everyone at work that I am married (therefore only after platonic friendships and/or professional relationships) I even showed some a picture from my wedding. From what I know is he is also in a relationship that is on and off.
    Anyways from what I thought would be a good friendship (as we got on really well) he has all of a sudden had a shift in behaviour.
    He will still come to my office for a drink but will appear a bit more “moody” and quiet, within a week of starting he has gone from complimenting me to not at all. I have still been nice but find myself not wanting to talk to him aswell.
    Is there any reason why this has happened?
    Is there any way to redeem being on a good level like it was before?
    What should I do or how should I talk or behave in order to be on good terms.

    Thank you 🙂

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